In today’s world, one of the most important parts of a successful business is the network support. With the network being the backbone of the business it needs to be well planned and scalable for your business needs.


We have over 40 years of experience in networking making us a perfect choice for your business. Our experience in LAN, WAN, WLAN & VPN is what your business needs to get off the ground. When we understand your business needs we tailor the network around you. We can work out if you need a server, whether your needing a wireless or wired connection & network speeds to suit.


With all our business networks we make sure your business is secure with the best network security in the industry. Our network security and support will stop threats & attacks before they come close to your network. We use the latest technology so whether your looking for a cloud hosted network, basic or advanced system, we can get it integrated seamlessly into your business.

Which Network?

Confused as to what network is best for your business?

Cloud Hosted Network

Suitable for a small and medium sized business which uses a combination of Software as a Service apps (also known as SaaS), remote file storage which can be accessed from anywhere on any device and hosted email.

Basic Network

Suitable for a small company with five or so devices, business can simply link the five devices wirelessly without a central server. This would enable everyone to use the internet and share files between connected devices.

Intermediate Network

Might consist of 15 devices, connected by cables. An entry level server would create shared file storage and allow important files to be safely backed up. The company could also run a basic, centralised customer database.

Advanced Network

Might include 20 plus devices and a powerful server, connected by a super fast network. This can enable advanced software applications.

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